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Level 5 cut and stab resistant short-sleeved round neck shirt.

Level 5 cut and stab resistant short-sleeved round neck shirt.

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Functional features of stab-proof shirts:
1. Anti-puncture: It can resist the puncture and cutting damage caused by fruit knives, daggers, kitchen knives, and sharp knives in daily life.
2. Anti-knife cutting: High-strength fiber and high-density weaving, woven on a German Dornier loom, has anti-cutting and anti-cutting functions.
3. High strength: Double-thread sewing of high-fiber thread to protect the edge of the inner core, ensuring the anti-cutting level of the seams, not easy to damage or tear.
4. Large protection area: 0.7-1.2m², including protection of the front chest, back, shoulders, waist sides and other parts of the human body.
5. Light weight: The overall weight of the stab-proof shirt is 0.6kg, which is about the same as the weight of an ordinary functional shirt. It is simple and generous to wear, fashionable and beautiful, and the weight is 1/5 of the metal stab-proof shirt, which completely subverts the concept of traditional metal stab-proof clothing.
6. Thin thickness: Our stab-proof shirts are about 2mm thick, flexible and light to wear, and can be folded at will.
7. Highly concealed: It looks like an ordinary shirt. In summer, you can wear a cool anti-stab short-sleeved shirt alone. It is not visible from the outside that it has an anti-stab effect. It can be worn 24 hours a day. 
8. It is cool and refreshing to wear close to the body. The moisture-absorbing and perspiration-wicking fabrics are designed on both sides of the armpits to facilitate the discharge of sweat during a lot of exercise. It can be worn anytime and anywhere in all seasons.

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