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Electric car foam sprayer with USB(New product discount link)

Electric car foam sprayer with USB(New product discount link)

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【Electric Pressurization】Electric Foam Sprayer Just press the electric pressure button lightly, and the foam sprayer can produce a large amount of sticky snowflake-like foam. The foam is even and rich. Fully electric pressurized foam eliminates the need for manual pressurization, and you no longer have to worry about low and uneven foam caused by insufficient pressure during the car wash process. When fully charged, it can wash multiple cars with ease.

【No Scratches】The electric foam sprayer can easily turn water and detergent in the bottle into foam. The rich and dense car wash foam gently removes abrasive dirt particles without damaging the paint surface, allowing you to get a professional car wash at home. Effect.
【Easy to carry】Just mix water and detergent in the appropriate proportion to easily create foam instantly. No pressure washer, foam gun or garden hose required, no plugs required, allowing you to wash your car anytime, anywhere. Suitable for any type of car detergent/pressure washing soap (Note: add water to 1.5L)
【Sturdy and Durable】The electric spray bottle has a thickened and sturdy pressure-resistant bottle body and a water tank capacity of 1.5 liters, which can store more foam and spray for longer. After being fully charged, it is electrically pressurized to create rich foam and spray more evenly over a large area, easily spraying foam all over the car!
【Multifunctional Use】The electric foam sprayer can easily spray large amounts of foam, which can be used not only for car cleaning and window cleaning, but also for kitchen cleaning, glass cleaning, bathroom cleaning, pet bathing, flower spraying, etc.


1. The black upper cover of the watering can is composed of electronic components, please do not wash it! ! !

2. The spray bottle is suitable for spraying non-corrosive liquids for household cleaning and car cleaning. Do not use it for spraying acid, alcohol, gasoline and other highly corrosive liquids.

3. Do not exceed the maximum capacity of the solution to avoid liquid leakage.

4. There will be a delay of a few seconds when the product is turned on and pressurized. There may be liquid dripping from the nozzle when it is first turned on. It will spray normally after a few seconds.

5. After each use, the residual pressure in the watering can should be released, the container should be emptied, and the container should be cleaned and rinsed carefully with clean water.

6. Products will be tested before leaving the factory. It is normal for a small amount of water to remain in the pot.

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