Why are concealed carry vests more expensive than casual vests?

Why are concealed carry vests more expensive than casual vests?

Many concealed carriers should have discovered such a problem. When we go online or in stores to buy summer vests, concealed carry vests are often more expensive than casual vests. An ordinary casual vest may only cost 20 dollars, while the concealed vest costs 50 dollars or more, what is the reason?

There are several factors that make concealed vests more expensive than casual vests. First, concealment vests are specifically designed to accommodate and securely hold firearms. This requires the use of specialized materials and construction techniques, which increases manufacturing costs. Second, concealed carry vests often include additional features such as concealed pockets, reinforced panels, and adjustable holsters to enhance the comfort and functionality of carrying a firearm. These additional features result in a higher cost for the concealment vest.

There is also casual vests, which are only worn in leisure time, so people are not willing to spend more money, so most of the casual vests on the market are positioned as low-end products, so as to get more customers.

Moreover, the demand for concealment vests is relatively small compared to casual vests, resulting in low economies of scale in production and distribution. The limited market size and niche nature of concealment vests also contribute to their higher prices. Overall, the combination of professional design, additional features, and smaller market size results in higher prices for concealment vests compared to casual vests.

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