What’s the difference between concealed carry clothing and regular t-shirts?

What’s the difference between concealed carry clothing and regular t-shirts?

T-shirts can be concealed carry clothing, but concealed carry clothing are not necessarily T-shirts. When a piece of clothing meets the concealed carry requirements, it can be of any type.

size difference
Generally, T-shirts that can be used as concealed carry are relatively loose. For example, if you usually wear a size M T-shirt, you may need to buy a size L in order to add more space for concealed carrying. Some cropped fashion T-shirts also don’t meet the concealed carry requirement, as they probably won’t cover your gun.

Color and pattern difference
For ordinary T-shirts, we only need to satisfy our own aesthetics, but concealed carry clothing requires more requirements. Dark colors and many irregular patterns are more suitable for concealed carry. If your shirt is light in color, it may make you the gun stands out more in the sun. The regularity of the pattern is broken and distorted by your weapon, which draws attention to the area.

Fabric difference
Ordinary T-shirts have basically no requirements for fabrics, as long as they are comfortable to wear. Concealed carry clothing has high requirements on the fabric, because you need to put your gun, and the gun will sweat more when it comes into contact with the body. If there is no strong sweat absorption, the body will be sticky and uncomfortable. Generally, we have to choose cotton or linen as the fabric, which has super sweat-absorbing and breathable capabilities. Of course, if you are a rich person, you can choose silk, which is more suitable for concealed carrying.

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