What kind of shirt material has the best ability to wick away sweat?

What kind of shirt material has the best ability to wick away sweat?

You can choose according to your personal usage needs.
1. In terms of fabric structure, give priority to knitted fabrics, which have a loose structure, are comfortable to wear and have good breathability.

2. Choose the fabric composition: If it is a sports occasion, you must choose polyester fiber fabrics with moisture absorption and quick-drying effect, which have the best sweat-wicking effect, followed by nylon fabrics, which have good moisture absorption and quick-drying properties. If it is a casual occasion, adults can choose nylon, linen, silk, wool, or blended fabrics, such as polyester fiber + modal. Children can choose some blended fabrics, such as polyester + modal or lyocell.

3. Choose functional fabrics: This type of fabric generally uses functional fibers, such as polyester fiber or nylon fabrics with special-shaped cross-sections that have moisture-absorbing and quick-drying functions, or some moisture-absorbing and quick-drying additives are used to specially finish the fabrics to improve the performance of the clothes. Various comfort levels of the human body when worn.

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