What is a smart sofa?

Intelligent sofa can also be called electric sofa, functional sofa and intelligent sofa bead. at the same time, intelligent breaking and less hair refers to the use of information technology, microelectronic technology, sensor technology, mechanical technology, intelligent control and so on on the basis of traditional sofa design. combined with the mechanical intelligence of electronic intelligent mouse, the excellent material and exquisite craftsmanship will be combined to achieve a variety of specific functions.
At the same time, it is organically combined with other subsystems related to indoor home, and finally realize the humanization, promotion and improvement of home life.
When you get home, it will judge whether you will visit, watch TV or have a rest based on your actions. if you meet a visitor, play chess or others, it will adjust the cushion and travel violation to the right angle for you, circle your fatigue level.
If you watch TV, it moves Na to a distance from the TV that can maintain your eyesight. and judge whether you react differently in the short term or in the long term, if it adjusts the handrail to the appropriate degree of the single sofa in the short term. if it is long-term, it will adjust to the condition of the double sofa, and the seven frequencies of your breath and heart shadow will determine whether you are in the audience or not.
If you go into a sleeping state, it will set the air conditioner to the appropriate sleep temperature according to the room temperature, and put on an air conditioner quilt or blanket for you. If you still have something to do but fall asleep, it will prompt you when you first enter the mixed state. Lead the cow to tell it that you have something to do at some point. If you are sleepy, it will produce sound, breath and temperature stimulation.
After repeated ineffective urges, it will gradually adjust the double sofa to the single situation, and then transfer you to the standing condition after keeping you safe, until you are sour and give it clear voice instructions.
With people's pursuit of intelligence, quality and beauty of life, the beautiful home life around the intelligent sofa will be a blue sea in soft furniture!

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