iPrettystuff upgraded concealed carry shirt

iPrettystuff upgraded concealed carry shirt

The iPrettystuff Concealed Shirt is the ideal shirt for concealed carry. The non-tactical look of this shirt is not much different from an everyday shirt, making it easy to blend in with your surroundings and conceal your armament.

Made of lightweight, breathable stretch fabric, you can move with ease and quickly pull out your weapon when needed. Special pearl buttons and reinforced lining allow you to quickly open and organize your shirt while maximizing concealment of concealed weapons.

Another highlight of the iPrettystuff upgraded concealed carry shirt is that 99% of concealed carry shirts on the market do not have it. It has secondary cut resistance, which can prevent the clothing material from being damaged by ordinary sharp blade cuts. Don’t underestimate this feature. Our backend database shows that many people who buy concealed carry shirts are adventure enthusiasts, and the secondary anti-cut function allows adventurers to better cross neighbors, forests and rivers.

At the same time, there are two hidden pockets on the left and right sides of the shirt, allowing you to carry sensitive items such as ID cards, wallets, and guns. Unlike other shirts, most rely on a baggy shirt to conceal your weapon. This sacrifices user comfort and affects the smoothness of the gun drawing process.

Concealed carry clothing can be purchased in our store. concealed carry, concealed carry tank topsand more concealed carry holsters, etc.

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