How to design the boss's office sofa?

Boss office sofa is a modern office more prominent corporate image products, daily negotiations and reception will be used, there are single, double and multi-person combination of office sofa, there are a small number of sofa product specifications customized according to individual needs.
The interior decoration products which are most suitable for offices and conference rooms, leisure areas, exhibition areas and other places, there are so many kinds of sofas on the market that consumers do not know how to choose when they buy.
Leisure series sofa, cloth office sofa color selectivity is very high, the color will be more bright and lively.
Sofa fabric is relatively thick, durable, not easy to pilling, strong warmth, comfortable sitting, good air permeability, will not produce static electricity, sofa backrest is made according to the Radian of human physiological structure, there are no hard edges and corners, both comfortable and safe.
The sofa has high filling density, good elasticity and longer life.
Reception sofa series, artificial leather is actually a kind of imitation leather plastic products, but the feel is similar to leather, widely used in bags, clothes and other goods.
It will also be made into office sofa products, artificial leather office sofa bright color, style selectivity, high wear resistance, but poor air and moisture permeability compared with leather, generally used in the leadership office.
Traditional sofa series, leather office sofa feels soft, flexible and breathable.
The leather office sofa exudes the breath of nobility, atmosphere and fashion.
But the use is more exquisite, clothing can not have sharp objects, because the leather sofa will be scratched will leave scars, and there is no way to repair.
Leather office sofas are commonly used in managers' offices.
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