How to choose office furniture?

In the office decoration design, office furniture occupies a very important role, a staff feel happy office space can not be separated from the appropriate office furniture.
However, looking at it, all kinds of office furniture are really dazzling, whether it's going to the mall, furniture city or online, just buying one type of office furniture can make your head big, such as the choice of a desk. buy solid wood or wood-based panels; buy blue or white, choose two-person table or multi-person table, I believe these small problems can embarrass buyers.
The first thing to say is the safety of office furniture, the office is a people-centered area, so employee health problems should be considered first at any time.
So when buying furniture, the first thing we should consider is whether the furniture will affect the health of employees and whether it is environmentally friendly office furniture.
Formaldehyde content is an important index to measure the environmental protection of furniture. According to the national standard of the people's Republic of China, the current E0 level environmental protection standard of furniture is: formaldehyde content ≤ 5mg / 100g / E1 is ≤ 15mg/100g.
Office furniture should not only choose high-quality furniture with low formaldehyde content, but also focus on the craftsmanship of office furniture, such as whether the board on the surface has defects such as scratches, indentation, bubbling, degumming, peeling and glue marks; whether the wood grain pattern is natural and smooth.
Edge sealing should also pay attention to, good edge veneer is very smooth, smooth and delicate, inferior edge veneer is easy to cause uneven, warped and other phenomena, employees may cause arm injury and wear when working, and so on.
All these situations should be taken into account.
Office furniture comes in a variety of colors, but what is the specific color?
This is based on the specific is to be considered comprehensively according to the overall tonality of the company, different colors of office furniture, to create a different atmosphere.
Some studies have shown that the inappropriate color of office furniture can directly affect the office efficiency.
1, most of the offices are located in the office building of the office area, the space is relatively low, relatively crowded, so in such an environment, office furniture should try to choose a lighter color, so that there can be a sense of expansion.
Dark furniture will give people a sense of depression.
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