Buy a Concealed Carry Vest for Summer!

Buy a Concealed Carry Vest for Summer!

Hot weather means summer is just around the corner and more and more people are purchasing our concealment shirts, including our concealed carry vests! This vest will keep you comfortable, cool, and safe while out and about in the summer!

All of our vests are produced by FJUN in China. Each of our vests is handmade with more than 50 skilled workers on the assembly line, using durable, cut-resistant, breathable and sweat-wicking materials!

Our sales customers are mainly concentrated in the United States, and our vests are available in various situations and in various styles. Whether you're on a family outing, stuck in the heat, out in public, or just want to conceal a variety of weapons discretely without giving up your comfort; we've got the best for any situation!

All of our vests have at least two pockets, and if you require, you can customize your vest with up to 6 pockets, designed to maximize security. These hidden pockets have been designed to hold a variety of accessories such as magazines, phones, small electronics, pepper spray, LVAD or other personal gear.

Our concealed carry vests are roomy enough to cover and conceal a full-size handgun, even with your hands fully extended in the air. All of our vests are custom made long enough to cover a variety of belt holster wear on full size automatic pistols and revolvers with barrel lengths 4 inches or longer.

Not only are our vests made from the best materials, but they can also be completely customized to your needs by contacting us via website, email and phone!
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